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Aveda has a solution for dry hair, one of the problems facing many women … Aveda Dry Remedy.

For some women, it seems as if it doesn’t matter what they do, dry hair continues to be a concern. Like any issue, however, there are approaches you can take. You can find the solution for dry hair with Aveda Dry Remedy. What can this product do for you and the dry hair that you are experiencing?

According to independent laboratory testing, the power of Aveda Dry Remedy is easy to recognize. After just one use of this oil, it was possible to moisturize the hair instantly by 41%. It did not do so by stripping the hair of anything that it needed. It added a natural product to the hair which not only moisturized it; it left it soft and shiny.




The power behind Aveda Dry Remedy is the Buriti palm tree, an Amazonian palm that grows in Brazil. Local residents call this tree the “tree of life”, and rural communities gather the Buriti fruit from rivers where it falls. It has amazing qualities which allow it to be used safely as daily moisturizer for the hair. Since it is so effective at keeping the hair soft and moisturized, it is not necessary for Aveda Dry Remedy to be manufactured with unnatural silicone, as is the case with many competing products.
In Brazil, there is a saying, where there is Buriti, there is water. This is true, due to the fact that the Buriti palm tree grows in the area of the river. We recognize the fact that it is also true because of the moisture that it provides for the hair.