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Changing the World, One Paper at a Time

It’s fun being part of a salon in Santa Rosa, especially during the holiday
season – helping our clients get themselves ready for all their celebrations. But
here is some great news from Aveda that we want to celebrate and share with you.

Sometimes the problems of the world can seem so gigantic and huge that no one
seems to know where to start. But there is always a way to take small steps in
the right direction that leads to large results in the long term. That’s what we
did at Aveda when we had the paper on our popular gift lines produced in Nepal,
a third world country. This had a real impact of pulling locals out of deep poverty
and helping them make a good livelihood.

Changing the World, One Family at a Time

We understand that the world is a fragile place; and we’re completely dedicated
to making a difference. So much so that we’ve purchased almost 2 million sheets
of paper that are used to wrap our limited edition gift sets since 2007. This humble
endeavor has made a large leap for some of the poorest people in Nepal.

By simply wrapping our Gift Set Line in the carefully produced, unique and beautiful
paper we’ve managed to hire over 5,500 men and women (over 80 percent of those
hired where women) who are more able to make ends meet. This single action enabled
2,400 families to do more for their families; like buying food, repairing their
homes, sending their children to school and saving for the future; as well as providing
simple things for their families – each little step has made a huge impact on this

This handcrafted and beautiful paper is sending children to school and making
mothers providers- and in some situations it is a single parent family. Now, Fathers
don’t have to leave the country to find work, and women can further help support
the household. This means that over 1,000 children have been able to receive education
that might have been previously unavailable. All because of this simple Lokta paper
bark that has been used since the twelfth century; in the time-honored traditions
of the ancient ways.

All Natural, Ultra High Quality Paper

First, the indigenous women of Nepal collect bark from the Lokta bark from small
shrubs by hand; kneading and cooking into a thick pulpy paste; then the women work
it through a trough, pressing the paper into screens that are dried and stretched
in the sun, then carefully dyed in some of the best, most natural plant dyes available.

Most have never heard of this beautiful paper; but the Nepali people say that
it’s of such strong, acid- free quality that it lasts for over 1,000 years. One
of the best parts about it is that not only is it such quality paper but it’s also
great for the environment. For all these purchases of paper; at Aveda, we’re saving
trees- protecting over 34,000 acres of forest to fight climate change, and reduced
25 percent of greenhouse gasses.
As we fight poverty with paper; we offer our limited edition, extremely high quality
natural products at affordable prices in our exclusive and beautiful gift boxes.
This small step to fight poverty has created a wave in Nepal that is unmatched;
fueling education and fighting poverty. Feel good purchasing these great gifts
knowing that you’ve contributed to the cause for humanity.

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