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We are thinking of you. We all miss you at the Leading Edge and look forward to our reunion. During this time we would like to express to you our sincere gratitude for your continued support and patience.

Your kindness and generosity are humbling.

As of today, we still do not have an approximate reopening date. We are at the mercy of Sonoma County and CA State Health Officials. Please accept our apology for the inconvenience and disappointment any appointment rescheduling may have caused you, but know that this situation is out of our hands. Thank you to those who have sent us your kind words and encouragement while we patiently await our opportunity to reopen and resume our beloved craft.

Our Guest Services team is available at the salon Tuesdays-Fridays 10am-2pm for calls/texts or any retail purchases. You are also welcome to call ahead (707) 575-5551 or text (707) 504-0259 if you would like to utilize our contactless pick-up option. Otherwise bring your mask, come on in and say hi.

Our booking online feature is still available for you to utilize should you wish to proactively book your future appointments. We will be monitoring these bookings closely, should our closure continue you will be contacted.

Feel free to check back here for updates as we have them.

Leading Edge Salon Team