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Look out James Dean – Is the Pompadour back?

Most would agree that James Dean never went out of style.

The aloof, manly rebel made a name for himself with his well-groomed, high piled look.  His untimely death only magnified the mysterious appeal of this mysterious legend.  Maybe this can explain why the latest trends, leaning towards 50’s style, are now seeing the re-emergence of the pompadour.

Contrary to popular belief, the Pompadour is not difficult to achieve.  A quality haircut from your stylist at Leading Edge Hair Salon Santa Rosa CA, plus the use of some quality products can help you achieve this style.  The basic form of this cut incorporates a shape that is longer on the top front than in the back.

Styling is much easier than many would believe. After shampooing and conditioning with quality products (check with your stylist ag Leading Edge Hair Salon Santa Rosa CA for suggestions), skip the blow-dryer and towel dry your hair.  Apply a liberal amount of stiff styling gel beginning at the root and smoothing it to the ends. Use a comb to spread the gel and pull the hair up at the root and then back. Let your hair dry naturally.

Looking at the top trends in men’s styles, it’s clear that the traditional pompadour is one of today’s hottest looks.  However, some are opting for an update to this greaser hairstyle.  One of the most stylish ways to update this look is to shave the sides.  This simple change from the traditional style adds an edge that brings the cut into the 21st century.

Whether opting for the original, or modernizing the look, the pompadour is a style for those who want to make an impression.  It has the ability to resurrect the first “rebel without a cause” or reflect a bold, modern edge.  If you’re interested in exploring this style, or another new look, the professionals at Leading Edge Hair Salon Santa Rosa CA are here to guide you through the process and help you do it right.  Let us help you transform your look and make a bold impression.
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