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One in four women will be affected by thinning hair and hair loss as we age. Why does this happen and is
there something we can do?

There was an interesting article in the Guardian recently about Aging Gracefully. While the causes vary depending on the age group, the problem of
thinning hair/hair loss is one of the biggest hair concerns for women not only in Santa Rosa but around the world.

While we associate the problem with older women, it’s actually something that happens at different ages, for different reasons. I recommend you read the entire article, but here’s a summary:

20’s and 30’s – the stress of a hectic work and social life can cause your hair to move into a “resting phase” instead of the more normal “growth phase.” If you’re a young mother, it’s even more likely that your hair will fall out.

40’s – years of exposure to central heating and air conditioning as well as environmental pollution can suck the moisture out of your hair, leaving
it brittle.

50’s and beyond – hormonal changes begun during menopause can affect hair follicles, causing hair to thin.

The article has many suggestions about what to do, including getting regular trims and using revitalizing treatments. The article concludes that
regardless of your age, “it’s vital to keep your hair healthy to help prevent hair loss and thinning caused by ageing or environmental factors.
Invati, from Aveda, is a 97% naturally derived hair-care range that uses ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to give you thicker, fuller looking hair.”

Invati is Sanskrit for “invigorate” and the product set includes an exfoliating shampoo, thickening conditioner, and scalp revitaliser. If
used as part of a daily hair care regime, Invati can help to manage signs of hair and scalp aging, such as thinning, loss of volume or a tight,
dry scalp.