Top Considerations When Choosing A New Hairstyle


Hair texture and styling commitment should be your top considerations when choosing a new style.

Due to the rise of the internet and social media the most common way people choose new hairstyles is by looking to celebrities and influencers. Believe it or not this is not a new phenomenon, From Marilyn Monroe’s notorious pin curl look to the amazing sensation of Jennifer Aniston’s “The Rachel”, celebrities have driven styling trends throughout history.

However, nothing is more frustrating than dreaming of a celebrity coif, just to have your stylist tell you, “I’m sorry, but your hair just won’t do that” or, even worse, actually attempting a style that doesn’t work with your hair texture or styling habits.

One of the top considerations when choosing a new hairstyle is your hair texture.  Attempting a hairstyle for thick, coarse hair, when you have fine, thin hair is sure to leave you flat!  While trying a style for fine hair can make someone with thick, coarse hair walk away feeling like the shaggy dog.

To make your style choices even more confusing, it is important to know how to work with your hair texture to achieve the look you’re after. Here are the top tips to help you choose a style that works with your hair type:

Coarse Hair

If your hair is coarse, your style can often be weighted down by the thickness of your tresses.  In order to lighten-up your look, avoid blunt-cut styles.  These one-length looks will leave your thick hair feeling chunky and even bushy.  Try styles that include less layers and heavy texturing to lighten your look.

Fine Hair

When hair is fine, it lacks the volume of thicker hair and can leave your style looking flat. The best way to counter-act fine hair is with styling products. There are many amazing products that add volume and fullness. Also, choose a cut with lots of layers and a strong perimeter to build volume and movement.

Having an experienced and trusted stylist who knows how to work with your hair texture is always the best approach. If you’d like help choosing the perfect cut, or finding the right products for your fine or coarse hair we’re here to help. Leading Edge Hair Salon and our stylists are the best of Santa Rosa CA.