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How To Make Your Hair Color Investment Last

When you step out of the salon with your fresh new hair color, you want that gorgeous first-day hair color to last for as long as possible.

One way to protect your investment is with Aveda’s Color Conserve Daily Color Protect, available at Leading Edge Hair Salon in Santa Rosa, Ca.

With this easy to use take home product your hair color can look like new for up to six weeks. Just work a small, coin size, amount of product in your hands. Then apply through your damp hair and comb to distribute. Followed by the styling of your choice. Using this leave-in treatment every time you wash your hair will protect your hair from environmental stresses and keep your color looking vibrant.

Aveda’s Color Conserve Daily Color Protect is a leave-in treatment that instantly intensifies color radiance. Seals and smooths the cuticle for increased shine and is gentle and nourishing because it’s naturally derived from plants and minerals. Ingredients found in nature provide the triple protection your hair color needs.

  • Larch tree extract seals in your color.
  • Green tea extract rich in antioxidants protects your color from environmental damage.
  • And wintergreen and cinnamon oils protect your color from harmful UV rays.

If you’re protecting you hair color investment by using Color Conserve daily color protect, you’re treating your hair color to the complete protection it deserves.

With a little help from Aveda’s Color Conserve Daily Color Protect, you and your hair can face the world worry-free! Ok, ok… thats a little dramatic, but by knowing that your hair color won’t fade from exposure to the sun or the stresses of daily life is a definite win. This luxurious product will also give your hair an enticing scent and a healthy shine without weighing it down. Get the most out of your hair color by protecting it from the start, and enjoy six weeks of beautiful first-day color.